The Goals

The Goals

Training Capacity SKITCE will contribute to the development of information technology in Palestine through the delivery of quality training, research and development. It will work directly with university professors

and field experts through its Training of Trainers (TOT) program and Software Development programs. Strategic Objectives

  • Set and achieve high standards for courses in core IT skills and IT business development.
  • Strengthen the capacity of its staff and contribute to their professional expertise in key training areas.
  • Achieve excellence as the leading institution in the Training of Trainers (TOT) in IT.

Curriculum Development & Production of Training Material

SKITCE will be recognized for its high quality and tailor-made training packages. SKITCE considers that there is a growing demand for such services, and that institutions and individuals are able and willing to pay for them. Strategic Objectives

  • Develop packages to meet changing needs.
  • Prepare quality training packages for the new training areas identified in the Operational Plan.
  • Prepare and design tailor-made training packages for national specialist training institutions.
  • Upgrade staff skills in designing materials that incorporate new teaching technology

Career Counseling and Job Placement

SKITCE will contribute to job creation for young Palestinians by providing career counseling and assisting with job placement. Strategic Objectives

  • Encourage and attract the general public to continuing education seminars and after-hour training programs.
  • Help professionals and businesses find opportunities locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Maintain a database of all graduates of IT training courses.
  • Maintain web-based job postings for Palestinian IT professionals, with linkages to appropriate sites.
  • Hold local and international job fairs involving employers in the private, non-profit, and governmental sectors.

Business Links and Software Development

SKITCE will host a software development unit that will contribute to the software industry in Palestine. This unit will generate contracts to work on research and development projects, as well as development of commercial packages. Strategic Objectives

  • Create strong links to the private and public sectors, and to NGOs.
  • Attract funding in return for developing scientific and business applications.
  • Maintain a website to promote the IT industry in Palestine.
  • Utilize the creativity of students in technology and promote their ideas.

Information Technology Business Development

In order to strengthen and complement the excellent technical skills of its graduates, SKITCE will teach IT business development skills. This will encourage entrepreneurship and new businesses. Strategic Objectives Develop and provide training modules that help entrepreneurs build viable IT businesses. The modules include:

  • Strategy, Goals and Objectives
  • Business Formation & Financing
  • Management & Staffing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Product Management & Development

Operating Al-Quds University Data Network

SKITCE runs and maintains all the components of the university data network. This includes but is not limited to: computers, printers, LAN and WAN devices and connections. The center sets the guidelines for purchasing new hardware and software, and ensures that the delivered equipment is properly integrated into the existing network infrastructure. Strategic Objectives

  • Maintain a database of all available hardware and software.
  • Set guidelines for purchasing new equipment and software.
  • Install hardware and software at the various university locations.
  • Provide user support for the staff and the dial-up users.

Research and Development

SKITCE will provide the facilities, resources, and tools to develop both a research and development culture and activities on campus in a rich environment for innovation and creativity. Faculty, graduate students, and staff of the Center will join efforts to develop high-tech products that relate to the local industrial, economic, and educational needs. Research and development activities will be the main vehicle for generating projects.

Promotion and Marketing SKITCE

SKITCE is a leading training center in the field of information technology. It specializes in IT development in Palestine. SKITCE will raise its profile and develop promotion of its work through the use of a wide range of media. Strategic Objectives

  • Inform interested groups of the objectives of the SKITCE and its activities.
  • Establish cooperation and coordination with other similar training institutions nationally and internationally.
  • Lead the field in the provision of high quality services in information technology training.

Attaining Sustainability

SKITCE will achieve sustainability through high standard managerial, financial, and technical capacity. SKITCE is a multipurpose IT service and training center with human and physical assets. In order to achieve its goals, it will have to continuously strengthen its own capability to operate efficiently and effectively in an increasingly sophisticated market. Strategic Objectives

  • Continuously review and improve the quality of the services provided in order to meet changing needs.
  • Recruit and retrain appropriately qualified and technically skilled staff.
  • Establish and operate an effective management system to support the activities of the SKITCE.
  • Upgrade the physical resources of the Center to meet changing needs.
  • Maintain research and regular evaluation to ensure quality control
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