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Mr. Ehab Attia and Mr. Sufian Aloqtm of Said Khoury IT Center perticipated in the Cisco Academy Summit Conference for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia "Cisco EMEAR Networking Academy Partner Summit 2015", which was held in the Italian capital of Rome.

The conference dealt with all that is new in technology reached by computer networks in the world, and the role of the "Cisco Academy" in this field, and its leading role in the rehabilitation of cadres to carry this burden.

On the sidelines of the conference, Mr. Attiyh and Mr. Aloqtm met officials from "Cisco" Academy and focused their talk on the yAcadem of Al-Quds University as it is the first academic pioneer in this area. They added that the ratio of the number of Academy students is ever-increasing compared to previous years. Reaching more than 300%, it is the highest percentage among the academies of the region.

The reason behind this high rate is crideted to the tireless efforts made by Said Khoury Center for Information Technology. They pointed out the Center’s offered workshops for the rehabilitation of preparing trainers and other courses to train students.
It is worth mentioning that Al-Quds University Academy holds all the relevant licenses of training from Cisco Academy. It also has Trainers Center and the Center for Technical Support for all academies across the country, where the university offers technical support for many of the academies at home and abroad.

The goal of the overall program:

Build an electronic (website) that is concerned with the specialized content in a variety of topics of interest to young Palestinians. This platform is an electronic site that contains written, audio, and pictorial materials such as articles, pictures, videos, and other electronic content that can be shared across different social networking channels. Student interns will manage the website and follow-up and supervise the content published after the completion of training. They will also study the feasibility of converting the website to a Student Company for generating income.

The motives behind this program:

The participation of Arabs and international world views and ideas, stories, and experiences of students from Palestine. The development of electronic qualitative content and publish and share it on the social web. Communicate with the electronic community and create a dialogue on issues and matters of interest to students and the community.

Jerusalem | Said Khoury Center for Information Technology at Al-Quds University handed graduation certificates to students of graphic design course held by 160 hours of training. The course came possible with the support of PECDAR Foundation and the Islamic Development Bank, in the presence of Center’s Manager Mr. Ghassan Ad-Dik, course trainers, and students.

Mr. Ghassan Ad-Dik pointed the importance of this course in assisting students in getting a job through the development of their skills and abilities. He pointing out that the session was one of the outstanding efforts of course trainers and students.


The training center in Said Khoury Center, in collaboration with the PECDAR Foundation, offered range of free courses for current and last year’s graduate students and alumni to help them develop skills required to get a job after graduation.

The training center completed of a wide range of courses and now has put up new courses including designing and developing websites and their applications, computer principles, information management, and capable leadership.


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